Friday, June 28, 2013

Toe Rings: Do People Prefer Sized or Adjustable

 Summertime is the time most people shop for toe rings.  This is when we wear sandals and want a cute little accent on the toe.  Oh you know, when  you have picked the perfect pedi color and you want to walk around and enjoy it.  Toe rings come in sizes 1 to 6.  And there are even half sizes because when the rings are this small, even half a size makes a difference for that perfect fit.  For sizes toe rings you will need to find a size that's big enough to slide over the bulby-est part of your toe.   Sliding the ring pass this part is the hardest part and you don't want a size that is too easy to slide pass.  If this step is too easy then the ring will be too big to wear around.  This step can be difficult and I recommend using a tiny dab of Vaseline to help slide on your sized toe ring. 

If you find that you prefer an adjustable toe ring -great!  Most toe rings are adjustable and you will find many more designs to choose from.  Adjustable is one size fits most.  The main complaint we have heard about adjustable toe rings is that "they pinch."  This means that the ring have been squeezed too tight around the toe or sometimes the opening of the toe ring doesn't feel comfortable.  This isn't that common but it happens.  To avoid this try to find design that has the opening at the front of the toe ring.  See below for an example.  You can also use a dab of Vaseline to help put on adjustable rings.

After reading this you may have a preference for sized or adjustable toe rings.  For sized toe rings, be patient finding your perfect size.  For adjustable, have fun picking the one you like.  There will be many!

Good luck and thanks for reading!

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Below are just a few of our popular designs.  Here's a link to our toe rings section:


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  2. These adjustable to rings are absolutely fantastic. Also I agree with you that these adjustable rings are often pinches toe if it is wear tight.
    Are these adjustable toe rings are safe to wear as there is chance of being losing it.